The Changing Face of Māori Development
“Ka pu te ruha, ka hao te rangatahi.”
“A new net goes fishing”
Dr Wiremu Manaia
Senior Lecturer
Division of Maori Health
School of Population Health
Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences
University of Auckland
This paper is an extension of research from a PHD thesis entitled ‘The Changing Management of Māori Health Development (1991-2001.)  It has developed from an evaluation of Māori experiences with managing Māori health strategies in the midst of health sector restructuring from 1991 to 2001.  Since then several lectures, seminars  and conference papers on this research have been presented and updated based on Māori health developments in the last few years and international trends amongst other indigenous population groups.  Papers on future Māori developments based on past experiences and international trends have been added to this paper and one of these is the development of innovative future Māori leadership. 
Mäori development has been based on a philosophy of integration, which combines public sector interests such as health, employment, education and housing, all of which are considered part of the same Mäori development plan.  A greater impact on Mäori health development can be achieved if the Māori health strategies are supported by corresponding shifts in other Crown policy areas. Unemployment, educational under achievement and poor housing are more relevant to Mäori health than strategies for delivering better health services to Mäori.  This is not to say that there have not been major gains for Mäori health as a result of the Governments past Mäori health objectives, it is simply to suggest that an unfair burden is placed on Mäori health professionals and providers if they are expected to improve Māori standards of health within the isolated health sector environment. 
Future Māori development is about expanding this concept on an international scale from a changing New Zealand society to a rapidly evolving world.  A key imperative for this is the development of innovative, creative and energetic Maori leaders who may herald an era of Maori entering a global society confident and skilled in te ao Pakeha, while proud and proficient in te ao Maori. 
This paper also examines issues associated with Maori parenting today including the difficulties of raising Maori children equipped to survive and prosper in a society and world that has limited relevance to childhood experiences of Maori adults, parents and elders.
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