An Olympic Approach to Success

Why the need for change?
          “If Maori do not flourish , then the nation will not flourish”

I have for some time been looking for a Maori Leader for whom I would be prepared to go into ‘battle’ with to deal with the many social, economic and cultural challenges that face our people.   With little success, I have decided to become that very person.

An Olympic Approach

The Athens Olympic games were a brilliant and exciting sporting event which saw many athletes rewarded for years of hard work and training. Did these athletes achieve this on their own?  Some individuals may have but many had a network of support people to ensure they were able to qualify and compete successfully.

This made me think, what if we were to give the same kind of support and knowledge to assist our rangatahi/whanau, in overcoming the many challenges they face.  I propose delivering a pilot scheme to work with our rangatahi/whanau  based around effective ‘life coaching’ techniques that are proven and time bound.   The scheme is to be implemented over the next four years.   Participants will be involved in a series of workshops to develop their own goals and processes to overcome the challenges that they or members of their whanau face. 

My goal is to provide this pilot scheme free of charge to participants who are interested in being involved in creating successful processes and systems to enable Maori to flourish


 With 12 years experience as a primary school teacher, I will share simple but effective ways to encourage and promote more effective learning.


As a member of the Hurricanes Referee Development Squad, I will share my knowledge and experience of staying fit and healthy.


My paper is based around this whole idea of being  more creative to ensure that our people have access to the same ‘life coaching tools’ that make  individuals in the business and sporting environments successful.

About the presenter

 Tena Koutou Katoa

Ko Te Arawa oku waka

Ko Tu hourangi, Tapu Ika oku hapu

Ko Rangiuru oku maunga

Ko Kaituna oku awa

No reira tena koutou katoa

I have 12 years teaching experience and was a teaching principal for 6 years before being offered a position in 2003 with the NZRU and WRFU as a Referee Education Officer.   I currently live in Masterton with my wife Sarah and two children Wi Heketa and Georgia.

I am currently a member of the Hurricanes Referee Zone Squad and have set a goal to be the first Maori Super 12 and NZRU Test Referee.  I look forward to being able to present an Olympic Approach to Achieving Success For Maori.






























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